Company History

Graco Engineering was founded in 2007 to provide world-class electrical components and solutions for companies. We recognized the need for local sourcing of high-end components and built a business to provide these services.

We became the exclusive distributor for Mennekes plugs and sockets in Ghana in 2010 and have supported the Ghana Ports Authority, Meridian Port Services and several Mining Companies with these exclusive products.
Graco sources Components for their Electromechanical systems from Schneider Electric, LOVATO, DUCATI, ABB, Finder, Kuhnke, Nexans Kabelmetal and other renowned manufacturers.

The company grew from two people in 2007 to 24 people over a five-year period, as the business grew from component supply to building electrical distribution and control panels and providing services and solutions. We hired and trained quality engineers who could implement the highest standards of electromechanical engineering.

We opened our Takarodi office in 2010 and our Tarkwa office in 2013 and currently employ 30 people. We hire and manage qualified subcontractors on an as-needed basis and these include HVAC and Plumbing Specialists.

What is Tinder – is a social app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users.

In 2014, the company spun off the component supply side of the business into AESWA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Graco Enginering. Both AESWA and Graco are positioned to service the growing needs of West Africa over the coming years.