Why Graco for the Mining Sector?
  • Specialized services for the mining industry
  • A quality alternative to expat service providers
  • Professional engineering services to optimize your current mining operation
  • Personal service for all stages of your electromechanical needs
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Local warehouse to assist you with logistics
  • Offering long-term relationships with the latest technology and quality assurance you can trust.


With our new, local office in Tarkwa, Ghana, Graco’s Mining Account Manager is available to service your needs.

What People Are Saying
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David Anniniagyei

Project Expeditor, Newmont Mining

Ghana Manganese
Pre-engineering for the new overhead line diversion and power house upgrade at the mine site.
Ghana Bauxite Company
Created requirements for and delivered outdoor starter stations for rough terrain.
Newmont New Abirem
Assembled weather and corrosion proof electrical enclosures suitable for harsh mining conditions.
Perseus Mining
Supplies all Mennekes products throughout the mine sites, especially for preventative maintenance.